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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shifts left proposing legalizing recreational marijuana

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday that he would push to legalize recreational marijuana in the Empire State next year — another sign that the Democrat's centrist approach to policy-making has shifted left in recent months after a primary challenge from "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon, who ran to the left of the three-term executive as a self-described "Democratic socialist."

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The Canadian Parliament Has Spoken - Country Will Become Second in the World to Legalize Marijuana

With final approval by the Senate Tuesday night, the Canadian parliament has legalized marijuana. That makes Canada the second country to legalize marijuana (after Uruguay), with what will be the world's second-largest legal marijuana market (after California).

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A Beginner's Guide To Reading Marijuana Labels

Marijuana is now legal in a manner similar to beer in a number of states. Because of this, millions of residents and tourists, alike, now have the luxury of walking into a dispensary and buying pot products never before seen in circles of black market commerce.

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A Doctor’s Tips for Marijuana Dosing So You Don’t Get Too High

Marijuana dosing, what is the trick? Here’s a story that newcomers can understand.

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Water-Soluble THC Is Now A Thing And Edibles May Never Be The Same

A guy out of Colorado believes he’s created a product that will disrupt the edibles industry: powdered THC and CBD that’s tasteless and dissolvable in just about anything.

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The Biggest Legal Pot Economy in the World Starts January 1 - What Will It Look Like?

When California initiates legal marijuana commerce on January 1, it will be the world's largest legal pot economy. Now, just weeks away, we're finally seeing the rules that are going to govern the transition from a black and gray market to a legal, taxed and regulated market. (Never mind for now that huge swaths of the state's marijuana industry are going to remain in the black market because their crops are destined for states where pot remains illegal; this is about the legal market in California.)

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Marijuana Edibles Provide Better Pain And Anxiety Relief Than Smoking

For a growing number of cannabis consumers, eating the herb is better than smoking it. That is the conclusion of a qualitative report examining customer preferences.

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Marijuana 101: 5 Tips For Choosing The Best Edible For You

1. Ask Yourself: Do I Want To Get High?

You can filter out a bunch of edibles by deciding if you want to get super high or hella relaxed.

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5 Ways to Avoid a Marijuana-Related Trip to the Emergency Room

Millions of people manage to use marijuana without suffering any deleterious consequences, but a few do manage to get so messed up they seek help at hospital emergency rooms. You don't have to be that person, and if you can avoid doing some dumb things, you won't be.

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How Californians Consume Marijuana: The 4 Most Common Methods of Getting High

Even though legal recreational marijuana sales won't officially begin until next year, California is already the largest pot market in the country, generating more than $680 million in sales in three months this spring, according to a new report from industry watchers BDS Analytics.

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