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Are Younger Whites Less Racist? New Research Into Racial Attitudes Suggests Demographics Alone Won't Save America

The Republican Party is obsolescent, and backward-looking. Its voters are more conservative than the general public. The Republican base largely comprises older white people. Demographic trends, i.e., “generational replacement” (death) are working against the Republicans as well. In total, Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton was not the result of a populist uprising but rather a statistical fluke where a small number of voters scattered across a few key states combined with voter suppression, a compliant corporate news media, Russian interference and an antiquated Electoral College system to give him the win.

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Religion Across the Globe Is Changing, But Not the Way You Think

AlterNet and other progressive news sites frequently publish articles about the decline of Christian hegemony in the United States. While this view is to some extent true, it doesn’t necessarily account for other long-term demographic trends, including population growth and migration. In a new report, The Future of World Religions, the Pew Research Center attempts to round out the picture and look at patterns of faith on a global scale.

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Want To Know The Day You'll Die? This Website Predicts It

Citylab's John Metcalfe point s to a World Bank-backed venture called the World Population Project which creates a predicted date of death. Just type in your birthday, sex and nationality, and it will give you a projection.

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Millennials Aren't Cheap, They're Broke

Millennials, that perennial favorite topic of pundits, are back in the news. This time they’ve been dubbed the “Cheapest Generation” in a recent piece in the Atlantic Monthly.

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Surprise: A Majority of Millennials Don't Have a College Degree - That’s Going to Cost Everybody

There’s a lot of hoopla in the media about how Millennials are the best-educated generation in history, blah, blah, blah. But according to a Pew survey, that’s a distortion of reality. In fact, two-thirds of Millennials between ages 25 and 32 don’t have a bachelor's degree. The education gap among this generation is higher than for any other in history in terms of how those with a college degree will fare compared to those without. Reflecting a trend that has been gaining momentum in the rest of America, Millennials are rapidly getting sorted into winners and losers. Most of them are losing. That’s going to cost this generation a lot —and the rest of society, too.

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Holy Crap! Cost of Raising Child to 18 Soars Over $245,000

Did you have a kid in 2013? Congratulations! That will cost you a quarter of a million dollars.

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Demographic Trends Favor Democrats In Years Ahead

Current population and voting trends appear to favor Democrats for the foreseeable future, demographic experts said during a discussion at the Bipartisan Policy Center last Wednesday, but they acknowledged that projecting long-term political behaviors is difficult.

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Why Are Conservatives Scared of Cameron Diaz?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau's projections (Excel), the white population in the United States will decline from just under 80 percent at present to 74 percent in 2050.

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Why Fearmongering About a White Minority in America Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Whites are projected to become a minority in the United States in the year 2050. It’s a terrifying prospect for Americans who fear the loss of their privileged status. 

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Arizona's Immigration Law: a Modern Expression of Manifest Destiny

As a result of several recent draconian laws, Arizona’s image has taken a drubbing internationally. And yet, Arizona is but the spear. In reality, its politics are not that different from other states or from Washington. That more than a dozen states are waiting in the wings with copycat legislation and the Obama administration continues to view migration through a law enforcement and military prism is plenty proof.

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