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Facebook's Pathetic Attempts to Appease Conservatives Is Backfiring Spectacularly and Could Harm Progressive News Sources

When Facebook selected the right-wing, Iraq War-boosting magazine The Weekly Standard as an official fact-checking partner last year as part of its effort to combat "misinformation," progressives warned that the conservative publication would use its power to suppress accurate articles published by center-left and left-wing outlets.

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'You Basically Have Fox News Running Out of the White House': CNN Analyst Explains Why Trump's Newest Hire Deepens the Troubling Relationship

Everyone knows that Fox News essentially has a direct conduit to the White House, given President Donald Trump's obsession with the network and his close relationship with several hosts.

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Conservative Media Group 'Pressured' Its Employees to Be More Pro-Trump During the 2016 Election: Report

Multiple employees for the conservative company Salem Media Group, a major player in the talk radio world, were pressured to deliver commentary more favorable to President Donald Trump and less critical of his actions during the 2016 campaign, according to a new report from CNNMoney. The report continues a pattern of recent stories showing conservative outlets rewarding pro-Trump commentators and marginalizing voices who are critical of the president.

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66 Sinclair News Stations Pushing Obscene Anti-Media Propaganda on Trump's Behalf

Sinclair Broadcast Group is mandating that its local news anchors across the country narrate “hostage video”-like segments echoing President Donald Trump’s attacks on the press. Media Matters has compiled these propaganda videos from 66 different local news stations in 29 states and Washington, D.C.

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15-Plus Communities That Are About to Be Rocked by Sinclair's Conservative Local News Takeover

Conservative local TV news giant Sinclair Broadcast Group has been quietly injecting right-wing spin into local newscasts for years. The company thrives when it flies under the radar, serving local audiences who might not realize what they’re tuning in for -- so Media Matters is helping to highlight where communities can fight back.

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4 Appalling Facts About Fox News' Latest Hire, Sebastian Gorka

On Wednesday, Sean Hannity announced that former White House national security aide Sebastian Gorka would be joining Fox News as a national security strategist. Experts have repeatedly questioned Gorka’s supposed national security expertise. He has apparent ties to a Nazi-allied Hungarian group and has a long history of using incendiary, conspiratorial, and racist rhetoric. Here is what you need to know about Fox News’ newest hire.

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How Conservatives Played the Media Like a Fiddle to Elect a Racist Lunatic President

Two rules journalists live by: Keep things simple and straightforward and be fair to “both sides.”

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When Will Republicans Turn on Trump? It's Happening Already

At some point, congressional Republicans will entirely abandon President Donald Trump. How do we know this? If you look closely, you’ll notice that it’s already happening. One by one, Republicans on the Hill are growing tired of Trump’s poorly-informed, lazy, self-centered lack of leadership, and it’s a safe bet that more than a few members are wondering whether the 2018 midterms will turn out better without Trump dragging them down.

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To Trump Supporters, He Is a Fantasy Love Object Who Does No Wrong: How to Fight This?

Donald Trump is amazing. At this early point in his tenure, Trump is one of the most unpopular presidents ever. Political scientists and other experts will most certainly rank him among the worst presidents in the history of the United States. 

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Is Breitbart 'News' Doomed?

I guess you either die an edgelord, or you live long enough to see yourself become the cuckservative. That’s the takeaway from the last six months at, the right-wing website previously led by White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. Breitbart became a conservative media juggernaut by riding the rising tide of the racist, misogynistic “alt-right” and Donald Trump’s bigoted presidential campaign. But amid a massive advertiser boycott and faltering website traffic, the site has been forced to backpedal -- at least somewhat -- from the reputation that was responsible for its popularity in the first place.

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Sean Hannity Takes Abrupt Vacation as Advertisers Continue to Flee His Fox News Show

Fox News host Sean Hannity is taking an early vacation this week right as advertisers have started fleeing his show.

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