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This governor took a bold step in a plan to essentially end the undemocratic Electoral College

On Sunday, recently-elected Colorado Gov. Jared Polis told The Hill that he would be signing a bill to bring Colorado into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a measure that would effectively abolish the Electoral College and elect the president by popular vote.

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Here are the 5 biggest right-wing outrages this week: Trump's world is exploding in chaos

This was a brutal week for President Donald Trump. His poison-pill-loaded plan to end the government shutdown he created went down in the Senate, and as his allies fought each other trying to assign blame and the shutdown began to paralyze major airports, he finally gave in and endorsed a bill to end the shutdown without his wall. Meanwhile, his campaign adviser Roger Stone was indicted for obstruction and witness tampering related to his coordination between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign, and NBC News revealed his administration has been systematically overruling intelligence officials trying to deny security clearances to dozens of White House aides, including Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

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GOP lawmaker actually claims that whites were lynched in 'nearly equal numbers' to blacks 'for being Republican'

On Monday, a GOP state representative in Colorado decided to celebrate Martin Luther King Day by posting a video to Facebook from the state House floor, during which she shared an "alternative fact" about lynchings in the post-Reconstruction era.

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Allegations of Judicial Misconduct Against Brett Kavanaugh Were Just Referred to a Federal Appeals Court

Chief Justice John Roberts referred judicial misconduct complaints about newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in Colorado, the Washington Post reported Wednesday afternoon.

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'Fat Mexican B*tches': Racist White Women Attack Colorado Neighbors and Defy Police Order to Go Home

Two white women were caught on camera this week angrily berating their Latino neighbors in their neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Today’s Supreme Court Ruling in the Anti-Gay Bakery Case

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday morning handed down a ruling in the case brought by a Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, citing his Christian beliefs.

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Supreme Court Sides With Anti-Gay Baker - But It Wasn't All Good News for Bigots

The U.S. Supreme Court has just ruled that one cake baker can refuse to sell wedding cakes to gay people and same-sex couples. The 7-2 ruling is on a Colorado Christian baker who said his religion prohibits him from "celebrating" or "participating" in a same-sex wedding, which he believes includes baking a wedding cake.

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How Denver's Mayor Plans to Use Legal Marijuana to Create Affordable Housing

In April 2016, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions was still merely a senator from Alabama, the politician made a declaration on marijuana:

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ExxonMobil Is Being Sued for Climate Damages by American Inland Communities for the First Time

Two Colorado counties and the city of Boulder are suing ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy, Canada's largest oil company, to hold them responsible for climate change-related damage to their communities.

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Colorado House OKs Bill to Let School Nurses Administer Medical Marijuana

DENVER (CN) – A bill that would allow school nurses to administer medical marijuana to students passed the Colorado House 47-17 on Thursday.

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The Grades Are In: Best And Worst States For Marijuana Patients

In a comprehensive, 187-page report on the status of access for medical marijuana patients in the US, seven states received a grade of B+, the highest score given this year.

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