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5 Ways Positive Thinking Makes You Miserable at Work

Some people take the pursuit of happiness too far:

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Hypochondriacs Cost Our Healthcare Industry Billions

“What’s the matter?” “I have a headache,” “Maybe it’s a tumor?” “It’s not a tumor!”  In pop culture, we like to poke fun at individuals who fuss over every little ailment with numerous TV characters based on those who possess hypochondriac personas. However, for the sufferer, living each day in constant fear of contracting a serious life-threatening illness is no laughing matter. 

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A Scary New Form of Depression Is Emerging That Doctors Don't Know How to Treat ... And Its Causes Are Economic

Today I continue to explore the theme that Japan's two decades of economic stagnation may offer guidelines for what lies ahead "for the rest of us" as the global malaise deepens in the years ahead. I have been a student of Japan for 40 years, having studied the language, history, literature, geography and art/film, in university and thereafter. We have many Japanese friends and have visited a number of times. (I have also been a student of the Chinese and Korean cultures.)

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