Fox Guest Slams Sarah Sanders for Reading Christian Devotionals before Lying to the Press Corps

Dr. Jeanine Downie told Fox News on Sunday that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders should not be criticized for her appearance. Instead, Downie argued that Sanders should be held accountable for holding herself up as an evangelical Christian while lying for President Donald Trump.

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Breaking the Silence: Groundswell of Christian Evangelical Leaders Demand Trump Reject the Alt-Right

Perhaps no Americans have been more stained by their fellows’ support for the Racist In Chief, Donald Trump, than American evangelical Christians — a demographic widely credited with putting the shitgibbon over the top last November, and still today counted among his most passionately loyal base of see-no-evil supporters.

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Is 'The Handmaid’s Tale’ Coming True? Insiders Say the CIA Director Is Turning the Agency into a Center of Christian Dogma

According to an investigation by Foreign Policy into changes in the intelligence community under President Donald Trump, the CIA has set aside plans to diversify and has become more white and more Christian under new director Mike Pompeo.

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Did You Catch This Theme in 'The Handmaid's Tale'?

If The Handmaid’s Tale offers any sign, Margaret Atwood has read more of her Bible than many Christians. Superficially, Atwood’s dystopian novel is littered with biblical names and phrases: Gilead, Mary and Martha, Jezebel, Milk and Honey, All Flesh, Loaves and Fishes, Lilies of the Field, the Eye of the Lord, Behemoth, and many more.

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Jesus Wept: How Can You Call Yourself a Christian If You Voted for Donald Trump?

One of the hallmarks of Christian faith is charity, which is unfortunate for me, because, as a cradle Christian (and, lately, a recovering agnostic), I’ve been feeling less than charitable since Donald Trump won the presidential election. I don’t mean that I’m not in the spirit of giving to charities — I’ll be writing out a whopper of a check to the American Civil Liberties Union presently.

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Colbert Has a Field Day With Trump's Nutty Attorney's Miraculous Sign from God

Stephen Colbert may be a devout Christian, but he isn't buying what Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen is calling a sign from God about who our next president should be. 

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Teen-Raping Texas Pastor Gets Life in Prison After Using the Bible to Justify Abusing Women

A volunteer youth pastor was sentenced to life in prison in Texas this week for sexually assaulting multiple teens at his church, reports the Houston Chronicle.

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Faith Leaders Turn to Trump as the Republican Nominee - But They're Not Helping Him Where He Needs It Most

Trump is suddenly a "tremendous believer," and the feeling appears mutual. While a year ago, evangelicals stood in clear opposition to Trump, they've since pledged their allegiance to the GOP nominee. Some see Trump as their wrathful god, while others seek to save him, and a few, it seems, just want a job.

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Orlando Massacre Comes After Lawmakers in U.S. Filed More Than 200 Anti-LGBT Bills

In a tweet that went viral after Sunday’s attack on an LGBT nightclub in Florida, ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio wrote: "The Christian Right has introduced 200 anti-LGBT bills in the last six months and people blaming Islam for this. No." The attack has also renewed calls for lifting what advocates say is a medically unnecessary ban on blood donations from many gay and bisexual men. We speak with Hannah Willard of Equality Florida.

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Court Smacks Down Kansas Christians for Labeling Evolution a Religion to Force School Ban

A federal court rejected the argument from a Christian group in Kansas which said that evolution was religious “indoctrination” and should not be taught in schools.

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Atheists Tend to Be More Tolerant Than Christians

In the wake of another terrorist attack on the West coming from ISIL, pundits and politicians on the right are ramping up calls for greater surveillance of Muslim communities, eliminating Muslim immigration and restricting the religious expressions of Muslims in the United States.

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