Here Are 5 of the Most Blatantly Racist Things Donald Trump Has Said on the Record

Omarosa Manigault Newman, in her new book “Unhinged,” is alleging that President Donald Trump wasn’t shy about racial slurs when he was the star of the hit reality show “The Apprentice,” which debuted in 2004. Newman has alleged that although she didn’t actually hear Trump using racial slurs, some of the producers she knew from “The Apprentice” did. Actor Tom Arnold has alleged that he has, in his possession, outtakes from “The Apprentice” in which Trump makes overtly racist remarks, and Bill Pruitt and Chris Nee—both of whom were producers on that program—also allege that they heard the president-to-be using racial slurs. 

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Is Trump Becoming a Dictator? He's Already Showing 7 of 10 Notable Signs

President Donald Trump may fail to qualify as a dictator, but it’s not for lack of trying.

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The Old Trump Is Back - In Fact, He Never Left

It seems an eternity ago but it was only last Tuesday night when Donald Trump addressed a joint session of Congress and stuck to the teleprompter without going off the deep end – eliciting rapturous praise from the media. 

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Thanks to Trump, the Presidential Campaign Has Descended Into Madness

My friends, we have fallen down the rabbit hole. This presidential campaign has completely departed from ordinary reality, into a place where there's no such thing as truth and accountability is a joke—at least for some. I wish I could tell you with confidence that it all will work out in the end, that the electorate will be wise and thoughtful, that we'll only shake our heads and chuckle when we think back on 2016. But I'm no longer so sure.  

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After Trump's Comments, Leading Birther Author Won't Talk About Birtherism Anymore

AlterNet editor's note: The subject of this article, Jerome Corsi, has long been part of the right wing's scandal-manufacturing apparatus. The author of 2011's  Where's the Birth Certificate?  is now trying to peddle his latest tome, Partners in Crime, an attempt to scandalize the Clintons.

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‘A Two-Bit Racial Arsonist’: Watch the Entire Congressional Black Caucus Nuke Trump’s Birther Remarks

Donald Trump had an opportunity to apologize for stoking conspiracy theories about Barack Obama’s birth certificate on Friday… and he declined to do so.

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GOP Surrogate Gets the Grin Slapped Off Him by Entire MSNBC Panel Over Trump’s Record on Birtherism

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) went onto Hardball Friday evening to defend Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump over his past promotion of conspiracy theories about Barack Obama’s birth certificate… and he got absolutely crushed.

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Trump Knows His Backers Believe Every Outrageous Lie About Obama – and He's Giving Them What They Want

Donald Trump has transgressed political norms without consequence for most of his campaign. He appeared to have crossed a line, however, with his attacks on the Khan family two weeks ago. Suddenly, fence-sitting Republicans like Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Adam Kinzinger decided to abandon ship. Even Trump supporters like Newt Gingrich fumbled for defenses of his behavior.

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Ted Cruz Has a Very Real Birther Problem: The Law Is Not Settled But the History Is

The uproar Donald Trump caused by stirring the pot over the eligibility of Canadian-born Ted Cruz to serve as president awakened constitutional scholars. With or without biases, a good many of them have suggested that the historical record is not on Cruz’s side. By the nature of the news cycle, one thing or another will remove this new “birther” controversy from public view; it really shouldn’t go away, however, because the issues are broader than what the commentators are addressing.

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Here's Why Ted Cruz Isn't Eligible to Run for President

The argument that Ted Cruz is eligible to run for president initially looked strong, then probable but uncertain. But closer examination shows it is surprisingly weak.

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