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Fox News Host Admits There's No Distinction Between His Network and the Trump White House: 'They're Joined at the Hip'

In a new interview with Hill.TV, Fox News host Juan Williams admitted what should be obvious to any casual observer of politics: President Donald Trump and Fox News are completely in sync, so much so that some argue the network has become a form of "state news."

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White House Promises to ‘Look Into’ Fox News Decision to Stop Airing Trump Rallies After Ratings Plummet

A White House spokesperson this week promised to “look into” a Fox News decision to cease broadcasting of Trump campaign rallies in full.

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White House Exempts Bill Shine from Ethics Rules So He Can Keep Meeting with Fox News

President Donald Trump's lead lawyer claims it's in the "public interest" for communications director Bill Shine to be exempted from federal ethics rules, along with National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow.

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Fox News' Shep Smith Dismantles Trump's CNN Snub: Those Who 'Attack the Messenger' Want to Stop You From Knowing the Truth

Fox News' Shep Smith took a step beyond his network's professed solidarity with fellow media outlets on Thursday and offered a full-throated defense of a CNN reporter who had been punished the previous day for simply asking questions of President Donald Trump.

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How Could a US President Accused of Sexual Assault Hire A Man Who Was Forced to Resign from Fox News?

When Bill Shine took over as White House communications director during the July 4 holiday, the former Fox News co-president seemed to have dodged the obvious questions that loomed over his appointment.

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'He Sucks at His Job!': MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Slams the Relentless Lying from 'The Worst Period' in Trump's Presidency

While discussing former White House press secretary Sean Spicer's new book, the panel on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" agreed that since Spicer's departure, President Donald Trump's administration has become even more mendacious and manipulative than it was when it began.

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'Trump Really Can’t Stand Kelly': The President Reportedly Wants to Fire His Chief of Staff - But He's 'Too Chickens**t' to Do It

Former Fox News President Bill Shine has already generated bad press as a new hire at the White House for his alleged complicity in years of sexual misconduct and abuse at the conservative network. But according to a new Vanity Fair report, President Trump is thrilled to have him on board.

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'I Think You're Running This Presidency': Fox News' Juan Williams Calls Out Sean Hannity's Ties to Trump

While Fox News personality Sean Hannity was guest hosting on the panel show "The Five" on Monday, co-host Juan Williams called him out for his close ties to Presiden Donald Trump — ties that have raised ethical questions in the past.

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Hope Hicks May Return to the White House - As Chief of Staff: Report

Former White House communications director Hope Hicks may soon be returning to the administration as chief of staff John Kelly's replacement, according to a new report from Vanity Fair's Jake Sherman.

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The Fox News to White House Pipeline: How Trump's Favorite TV Network is Taking Over the U.S. Government

Donald Trump is reportedly close to bringing aboard Bill Shine, Sean Hannity’s former producer and the former president of Fox News, as the next White House communications director.

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'You Basically Have Fox News Running Out of the White House': CNN Analyst Explains Why Trump's Newest Hire Deepens the Troubling Relationship

Everyone knows that Fox News essentially has a direct conduit to the White House, given President Donald Trump's obsession with the network and his close relationship with several hosts.

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