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Kanye West vs. White Mediocrity: The Real Story Behind Beck, Beyoncé and SNL 40

There was a lot to criticize about the “Saturday Night Live” 40th anniversary celebration–Jerry Seinfeld’s #SorryNotSorry joshing around about “SNL’s” 40-year history of whiteness, cringeworthy reminders of the show’s tendency to run dubiously funny gags into the ground, and the mystifying continued relevance of Sarah Palin.

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Revealed: How Conservative Radio Creates an Echo Chamber of Hate

By itself, Pamela Geller's May 2010 appearance on the "Sean Hannity Show" was par for the right-wing talk-radio course. The conservative blogger was brought on to rail against the conservative raison d'outrage of the moment, what she habitually called the “Mega mosque on Ground Zero” (SPOILERS: the whole building really wasn't a mosque, but that wasn't going to stop her) that was being planned in New York City around that time. But a recent study places the Geller-Hannity encounter in a bigger, more dangerous context that observers have noted for years.

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From "Racist," To "Dick," To Heckling: How The Press Treats Obama

Neil Munro's infamously brazen and boorish act of disrespect last week at the White House represented an eruption of  frustration that's been building within the right-wing media during Obama's time was president. That a partisan, political player from the Daily Caller would shout angry comments at the president, interrupting him while he gave a formal statement in the Rose Garden, was simultaneously shocking and quite predictable.

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Glenn Beck's Absurd Jerusalem Rally: Why Religious Conservatives Are Obsessed With Israel

Conservative huckster Glenn Beck is packing up his white board and floppy clown shoes and heading to Jerusalem, where he hopes to inspire the world to join him in scuttling any hope of a two-state solution to the 60-year-old Israel-Palestine conflict.

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10 Reasons Fox News Is Just as Awful with or Without Glenn Beck

“If I were lying I’d be off the air.”~ Glenn Beck, Jan 4, 2010.

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Like Glenn Beck, Maine Gov LePage Rails Against "Communist" Artwork

Maine Gov. Paul LePage and Fox broadcaster Glenn Beck not only share right-wing political views, but they both fancy themselves art critics. Two years ago Beck went on a rampage attacking murals on New York City buildings, including Rockefeller Plaza, for depicting "communist" propaganda. Now Gov. LePage is following in Beck's footsteps, ordering the removal of a 36-foot, 11-panel mural by Maine artist Judy Taylor from the foyer of the Maine Department of Labor in Augusta because, he claimed, it is "too one-sided", pro-union, and anti-business.

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Will Republican Voters Believe Anything? The Right's Hyperbolic, Dysfunctional World

Polls suggest there are between one in three and one in four Americans who would believe anything. More than a third thought President George Bush did a good job during Hurricane Katrina; half of those thought he was excellent.

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Scary: People Who Watch and Trust Fox News Will Surprise You

In the 7 March issue of the Tribune, Mark Seddon reported on the threat that Glenn Beck, "as a sort of hired gauleiter on Fox News", poses to American democracy. The article hit the nail on the head when it comes to Beck's paranoiac propaganda. Seddon, however, misses the broader danger of the Murdoch-owned Fox News: the media outlet's audience is growing even as its programming veers away from broadcast journalism and shapes instead a rightwing political operation.

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Why Glenn Beck's Paranoid Theories of Social Collapse Are a Real Threat to American Democracy

About two years ago, Glenn Beck, the Fox News personality, began a series of tirades against what he called the Cloward-Piven plan for orchestrated crisis to collapse the system. The plan, he explained to his audience, had been laid out in an article written by Richard Cloward and me, and published in the Nation magazine in May 1966. In the article, we proposed a mobilisation of poor people and their advocates to claim the welfare benefits to which poor families were legally entitled, but that they often did not receive. We thought that the ensuing problems of rising rolls and costs would create pressures for federal reform of the archaic welfare system.

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Anti-immigrant Leader Compares His Work to That of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Roy Beck’s recent MLK-themed blog post is an example of his willingness to exploit anything to promote his anti-immigrant agenda. And a sign of just how disconnected anti-immigrant groups like NumbersUSA are from what matters to Americans.

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