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Here's Why Pregnant Women Are Falling for Anti-Vaxxer Propaganda - And How We Can Stop It From Spreading

During pregnancy, expectant parents spend countless hours sifting through online resources to make the “right” medical choices for their baby. In addition to decorating a nursery and playing baby shower games, pregnant women often are glued to their smartphones, seeking advice from friends and strangers.

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Celebrity Pseudoscience: Here Are Nine Household Names Who've Pushed Bad Science on The Public

In our post-truth era, scientific illiteracy has morphed into science denialism. Today, people simply declare their own truths. As a consequence, science is losing its platform as a source of truth. Meanwhile, a pervasive celebrity culture — in which celebrities are considered trusted “experts” solely because of their fame — has poisoned the idea of what constitutes expertise.

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A Psychologist Explains the Thinking Error at the Root of Science Denial

Currently, there are three important issues on which there is scientific consensus but controversy among laypeople: climate change, biological evolution and childhood vaccination. On all three issues, prominent members of the Trump administration, including the president, have lined up against the conclusions of research.

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Kids Diagnosed with Autism Are Less Likely to Have Had All Necessary Vaccinations

Children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are less likely to have received all recommended vaccinations than kids in the general population, according to a new study. That also applies to the younger siblings of kids with autism. The reason, perhaps unsurprisingly, turns out to be yet more evidence of fallout from the highly misguided anti-vaccination movement.

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Anti-Vaxxer Dog Owners Are Now Putting Their - and Your - Pets' Health at Risk

Misinformation can spread like a virus, and can be just as contagious. Anti-vaccination attitudes have now taken hold among some pet owners who are refusing to vaccinate their dogs out of a misguided fear the shots might cause allergic reactions or other illnesses. Veterinarians say canine vaccinations help ward off not only diseases that afflict dogs, but those that can spread from pets to humans. As recent history has shown among anti-vaxxing human adherents, the drop-off in vaccinations could lead to the re-emergence of deadly illnesses that had been nearly eradicated, like rabies.

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Republicans in Idaho Want to Send an Anti-Vaxxer to Congress?

Earlier this month, radical Religious Right prepper pundit Michael Snyder announced that he is running for Congress in Idaho for the seat being vacated by Rep. Raul Labrador, who is running for governor.

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Telling the Anti-Vaccine Community They're Wrong Has Been Tried for Years Now, and It Doesn't Work - Here's Another Approach

Texas has become an emerging battleground for the national vaccine debate. The Parents' Right to Know legislation recently filed in the Texas House and Senate would require rates of vaccine exemption for each school to be made public. This bill will undoubtedly be controversial, as the anti-vaccine movement is gaining political footing among Texan elected officials. Events in Texas reflect a wider trend, as the latest Pew poll suggests 17 percent of American are against mandatory vaccination. There’s even an anti-vaccine activist march on Washington planned for March 31. No wonder a recent op-ed depicted the anti-vaxxer movement as “winning." It certainly appears to be spreading.

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Toddler Died After Anti-Vaxx Parents Treated His Meningitis With Maple Syrup Instead of Medicine

Two Mormon parents who own a nutritional supplement company are accused of letting their toddler son die from meningitis because they tried to treat him with home remedies instead of medicine.

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Anti-Vaxxers Convinced Sesame Street Character Julia Is a Big Pharma Conspiracy to 'Normalize' Autism

“Sesame Street” is introducing a new Muppet character who has autism — and some anti-vaxxers are furious.

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Donald Trump Busts Out the Anti-Vaxxer Talk, And Ben Carson Partially Signs On

Anti-vaxxer sentiment reared its head at Wednesday night's debate, when Jake Tapper brought up the question of one of Donald Trump's less-discussed lies, asking Ben Carson—a retired pediatric neurosurgeon—whether Trump should stop pushing the completely false link between vaccines and autism. Carson started well enough, pointing out that "there have been numerous studies, and they have not demonstrated that there is any correlation between vaccinations and autism." But then he veered off the rails a little, clearly not wanting to alienate anyone too much, and when the question was kicked over to Trump, Trump unleashed his usual torrent of falsehood:

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Anti-Vaxx Mother Leaves Movement After All 7 of Her Kids Get Whooping Cough

Writing on The ScentificParent blog, a chagrined Canadian mom announced that she is leaving the anti-vaxx movement after all of her seven children — four of them completely unvaccinated — have come down with whooping cough.

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