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Here's Why Pregnant Women Are Falling for Anti-Vaxxer Propaganda - And How We Can Stop It From Spreading

During pregnancy, expectant parents spend countless hours sifting through online resources to make the “right” medical choices for their baby. In addition to decorating a nursery and playing baby shower games, pregnant women often are glued to their smartphones, seeking advice from friends and strangers.

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Kids Diagnosed with Autism Are Less Likely to Have Had All Necessary Vaccinations

Children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are less likely to have received all recommended vaccinations than kids in the general population, according to a new study. That also applies to the younger siblings of kids with autism. The reason, perhaps unsurprisingly, turns out to be yet more evidence of fallout from the highly misguided anti-vaccination movement.

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Anti-Vaxxer Dog Owners Are Now Putting Their - and Your - Pets' Health at Risk

Misinformation can spread like a virus, and can be just as contagious. Anti-vaccination attitudes have now taken hold among some pet owners who are refusing to vaccinate their dogs out of a misguided fear the shots might cause allergic reactions or other illnesses. Veterinarians say canine vaccinations help ward off not only diseases that afflict dogs, but those that can spread from pets to humans. As recent history has shown among anti-vaxxing human adherents, the drop-off in vaccinations could lead to the re-emergence of deadly illnesses that had been nearly eradicated, like rabies.

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Toddler Died After Anti-Vaxx Parents Treated His Meningitis With Maple Syrup Instead of Medicine

Two Mormon parents who own a nutritional supplement company are accused of letting their toddler son die from meningitis because they tried to treat him with home remedies instead of medicine.

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Eureka! My Earthshaking New Study Reveals Root Cause of the Profoundly Stupid

Can a vaccine be responsible for the profoundly stupid?

It is a question I have been pondering for the past week or two. Could a vaccine, specifically, the polio vaccine, have caused us to become profoundly stupid? Looking for evidence, like so many troubled young parents of today faced with a vaccination schedule, I turned to Google to find out. What I discovered was deeply disturbing.

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4 Reasons Right-Wingers Are Embracing Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy Theories

Anti-vaccination sentiment is understood, in the popular imagination, to be mostly a product of Whole Foods-shopping hippies living in blue state enclaves. That’s never been entirely true, as polling data shows Republicans are a little more likely than Democrats to believe discredited claims about the dangers of vaccines, but by and large, opposition to vaccination has been a non-partisan, fringe position rejected by both parties. But that appeared to change this week as a number of prominent Republican leaders, including Chris Christie and Rand Paul, were caught openly pandering to the anti-vaccination fringe. Part of the reason was no doubt just knee-jerk hostility to pro-vaccination President Obama, but the blunt fact of the matter is that the Republican party is the natural home for anti-vaccination conspiracy theories. Here’s the four major reasons why.

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