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A Trillion-Ton Iceberg Broke Off Antarctica and All I Can Think About Is Food

On July 12, an iceberg the size of Delaware broke loose from Antarctica and floated into the sea. Researchers, who had been anticipating the breakup since 2014, say that it cannot be attributed to climate change. At least not yet.

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An Iceberg the Size of Delaware Just Broke Off From Antarctica (Video)

One of the biggest icebergs in recorded history, in both area and volume, broke off from the Antarctic East Peninsula and floated free sometime between Monday and early Wednesday morning. The ice mass separated from the Larsen C shelf in a process known as calving. Its surface area of roughly 2,550 square miles (5,800 sq. km) and average thickness of about 650 feet makes it the third largest iceberg ever recorded. The iceberg, designated as A68, has been tracked by scientists for several years and was expected to calve.

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The Antarctic Ice Shelf Is Breaking Up - and USA Today Tells Us to 'Chill Out'

The headline over USA Today‘s story (4/4/17) about an Antarctic ice shelf threatening to break off into an iceberg the size of Delaware: “Chill Out: Antarctic Iceberg Still Holding On.”

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Massive Antarctica Iceberg Hangs by a Thread, Signaling Frightening Possibility of Devastating Sea Level Rise

The growing rift in the Antarctic Peninsula has now lengthened to 110 miles, meaning that the Larsen C ice shelf is now connected to the main ice shelf by only a 12-mile "thread," USA TODAY reports.

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Antarctica Just Shed a Manhattan-Sized Chunk of Ice

The growing crack in the Larsen C ice shelf is the most dramatic example of change in Antarctica right now. But it isn’t the continent’s only frozen feature changing in a warming world.

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John Kerry Visits Antarctica, Vows to Do 'Everything Possible' to Prevent Trump From Dismantling Paris Agreement

U.S. Sec. of State John Kerry, while speaking in New Zealand Nov. 13, vowed to do "everything possible" to prevent president-elect Donald Trump from pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement.

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After Years of Negotiations, the World's Largest Marine Protected Area Has Been Created

The creatures of the Southern Ocean just got a lot more space to roam freely. On Thursday, 24 countries and the European Union agreed to set aside a 600,000-square-mile swath of ocean—roughly twice the size of Texas—off the coast of Antarctica as a marine protected area.

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Something Is Really Wrong With the Climate If These Penguins Are Under Threat of Being Wiped Out (and They Are)

Antarctica is the harshest environment on Earth, and the coldest, driest, windiest and highest of all the planet's continents. Ninety-eight percent of it is covered in a thick ice sheet, while the remaining 2 percent is barren rock. Technically, it’s a desert, with an annual precipitation of just 8 inches, most of that tiny amount near the coastline. December is the warmest month, when it gets to around 28°F.

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Oceans Could Reach Prehistoric Levels as Earth’s Biggest Ice Reservoir Nears Collapse

The world’s greatest reservoir of ice is verging on a breakdown that could push seas to heights not experienced since prehistoric times, drowning dense coastal neighborhoods during the decades ahead, new computer models have shown.

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150,000 Penguins Die After Giant Iceberg Renders Colony Landlocked

An estimated 150,000 Adelie penguins living in Antarctica have died after an iceberg the size of Rome became grounded near their colony, forcing them to trek 60km to the sea for food.

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