'Things could get really dicey': Trump is reportedly furious and lashing out at everyone as he realizes the how badly the GOP did in the midterms

In the past week, President Donald Trump has behaved even more frantically and erratically than he normally does — tweeting aggressively, excessively insulting reporters and skipping opportunities to on American veterans, triggering negative press reports.

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Conservative Pundit Warns the Republican Party is About to Become 'Angrier, Loopier and More Belligerent'

Democrats are optimistic that they will win control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections, and some are even hopeful that they could wrest away control of the Senate from Republicans as well.

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The Rise of the ‘Alt Right’ and Religious Right Are Chillingly Similar

It wasn’t over on November 8. This race, with its roiling of our electoral landscape, is the kind that leaves legacies—even if Trump had lost, the stain of what Trump has made possible would be with us.

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What Right-Wing Media Doesn’t Understand About Rage and the White Working Class

The following first appeared on Salon

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‘F*ck You, You Whore!’: Watch Angry White People Go Berserk Outside Trump Rally in St. Louis

Videos taken of Donald Trump supporters outside a rally in St. Louis, Missouri, show demonstrations of extreme anger, provocation and aggression as the GOP front runner tries to defend himself against criticism that his rallies are becoming dangerous.

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Proof That Atheists Are Getting a Bad Rap

Why are atheists so angry? The question – regularly flung around in debates about religion – is a self-fulfilling one, since atheists get pretty irritated whenever they’re asked it. But it’s revealing, too, because it pinpoints a surprising zone of agreement between believers and non-believers: many on both sides accept the premise that atheists are angrier than average.

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8 Ways to Deal With Anger

“My dear, you have to take control of your feelings before they take control of you” ---- Violet Grantham, Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey

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5 Ways Positive Thinking Makes You Miserable at Work

Some people take the pursuit of happiness too far:

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What Happens In Your Brain When You Get Mad, And How To Control It

I’m late for one of my jobs and after noting my empty gas tank and fighting with a broken car door, I pray to a god I don’t believe in to get me through the first traffic light, which is the longest light on the earth. Children have been conceived, born, and taught to read while waiting for it to turn green. I need to breeze through it. 

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The Angry Brain: How to Help Men With Uncontrollable Tempers

Over the past 30 years, I've spent nearly 25,000 hours counseling angry men, and until about two years ago, my enthusiasm was beginning to wane. If you've worked with angry male clients, you can understand why. These men are generally highly reluctant clients, who are often in your office only because they've gotten "the ultimatum" from their wives or girlfriends or bosses or sometimes court judges: "Get therapy for your anger or get out / you're fired / you'll go to jail." Many, considered by everyone who knows them to have an "anger problem," arrive in your office convinced that they don't have an anger problem: the real problem is their stupid coworkers, annoying girlfriends, demanding spouses, spoiled kids, or unfair probation officers. However, they arrive at your office with a shotgun at their backs, so to speak, and know they have no choice. They hate the entire situation because it makes them feel powerless.

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5 Customers Who Flipped Their Lids at Infuriating Corporations

Who hasn’t had revenge fantasies about an airline while sitting on the tarmac for the fourth straight hour without food, or about a telecom company when your Internet goes down for the 17th time in one day, or when you find out your cell phone company raised your rates six months ago without letting you know?

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