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Why the Progressive Movement Should Think Longer Term

Whenever the conversation turns to our country’s current situation and immediate future, people say we're screwed. I hear that over and over again. 

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In North Dakota’s Booming Oil Patch, One Tribe Beat Back Fracking

Drive the long, straight roads of north-central North Dakota, and you pass lake after lake amid hayfields and forests. Migratory birds, attracted by the abundance of water and grain, pause here. Farmers, boaters, and fishermen orient their lives around the pure water.

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Hundreds of Medical Marijuana Supporters Protest Obama in Oakland as Feds Escalate War on Pot

Hundreds of supporters of President Obama turned out to see him at Oakland’s Fox Theater on Monday afternoon. They lined up for blocks along Telegraph Avenue for the opportunity to see President Obama as he traveled from one fundraising event to another. Before the First Motorcade passed them, a march of several hundred people instructed them variously to “Smoke weed every day,” “Stop the madness, spark a spliff,” and demand that their candidate keep his promise.

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New York Activists Blockade Foreclosure Auctions to Stop Banks Selling Homes

“The place of justice is a hallowed place.”

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Collateral Damage in the War on Protesters: Neighbors of the NATO3 Cuffed, Held at Gunpoint

Whether or not they are guilty of illegal activity, the original three activists facing terrorism charges in Chicago and their six apartment-mates are not the only people who were raided and harassed the night of Wednesday, May 16, in the days leading up to the NATO protests. In this exclusive, three neighbors of the accused activists give their stories of aggressive, politically reactionary, seemingly incompetent and extralegal harassment by the Chicago Police Department.

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Nurses Defy Chicago Mayor, Rallying for Robin Hood Tax

 When Chicago’s “Mayor 1%” Rahm Emanuel threatened to derail the National Nurses United rally this Friday, NNU didn’t back down.

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Chicago Police Accused of Planting Evidence on "NATO 3" Protesters

 Lawyers for three protesters arrested on terrorist-related charges ahead of the Nato summit have accused police of entrapping them and encouraging an alleged bomb-making effort.

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"Tuition Fees are Class War!" CUNY Brooklyn College Students Roughed Up By Police for Demanding Fairer Treatment

Every gate at the City University of New York's Brooklyn College had doubled security—no one was getting in without a student ID.

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UC Davis Students and Faculty Face Prison Time for Peaceful Protest Against Bank

The pepper-spraying of University of California Davis protesters on November 18, 2011 promised to be a galvanizing moment for the student movement after University Police Lieutenant John Pike used military grade pepper spray at point blank range on seated protesters who had peacefully assembled to demonstrate against tuition hikes at UC Davis.  The world took notice. Not only did the Lieutenant Pike pepper-spray “meme” spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter, major news outlets gave the event coverage, to varying degrees of depth and understanding.

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Occupy AIDS: ACT UP Celebrates 25 Years by Marching On Wall Street

By 1987, almost 10,000 New Yorkers had died of AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The vast majority of them were gay men, already ostracized by society, and despite the agony of the epidemic, ignored by all the power centers of society; the government, big business, and most certainly the Catholic Church. The national response veered between sheer panic and the idea of internment camps for the infected. A schoolyard taunt at the time – I remember hearing it quite well – was that "gay" was an acronym that stood for "got AIDS yet?"

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Labor Unions' Fight for the 99% Goes Way Beyond Raising Campaign Dollars

Picture thousands of people streaming across the Brooklyn Bridge, with UAW, 1199 SEIU, and Teamsters' “Stop the War on Workers” signs held aloft, as projections on the side of the Verizon building declared, “We Are the 99%!”

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