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WATCH: 5 Times in 2016 When Samantha Bee Exposed Us to the Hilarious Truth (OK, and One Lie)

Its first episode may have only aired in February, but “Daily Show” alum Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal” on TBS exposed us all to a side of politics that we could laugh at, from abortion rights to jokingly claiming that Donald Trump couldn’t read.

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Trump Just Showed Us We Should Always Assume He Is Lying... Again

Donald Trump is a prolific liar. That’s neither an opinion nor a criticism, but a statement of scientific fact. In the midst of the presidential campaign, Politico analyzed a few hours of Trump’s speeches and found he lied once every five minutes on average. PolitiFact gave Trump its Lie of the Year Award for 2015, and has since determined that only 15 percent of Trump’s words are true or even mostly true. Toronto Star journalist Daniel Dale, who fact-checked Trump for 33 days and found he told as many as 25 lies in a 24-hour period (excluding debates, when he crammed up to 34 lies into 90 minutes), wrote that Trump “lies strategically. He lies pointlessly. He lies about important things and meaningless things. Above all, he lies frequently.” Trump lies so effortlessly and consistently that the Washington Post created a plug-in that, lacking the human tendency to grow fatigued, fact-checks Trump’s lie-filled tweets in real time.

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Carrie Fisher Really Hated Donald Trump and Wasn't Shy About Letting the World Know

Among the many reasons to love Carrie Fisher, who died Tuesday, was the fact that she never minced a single word. In recent months, if you wondered how Fisher felt about Donald Trump, you only needed to check out her tweets. She was very much not a fan of Trump, and she made sure to mention it as often as possible.

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It Costs New York City Taxpayers $1 Million a Day to Protect Tax Dodger Donald Trump

It’s costing the city of New York more than $1 million a day to protect President-elect Donald Trump and his family, according to a report by CNN Money.

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Fake News Writer Feels Guilty for Helping Put Trump in White House

Gullibility and ignorance, along with racism and misogyny, went a long way on Donald Trump’s behalf this election. Fake news was passed around, not just by voters, but by Trump’s campaign, giving people who are uninterested in facts more misinformation with which to base (and justify) their voting habits. One of the people creating those ludicrous stories is Paul Horner, a writer who has spent the last six years making up news items, getting them up on Facebook and Google, and then collecting the checks that roll in when they go viral. Trump aides Kellyanne Conway, Corey Lewandowski, and son Eric all sent tweets including links to Horner stories; they never checked to find out if they were true and very likely didn’t care. After all, spreading lies was a key element of what turned out to be a winning campaign strategy.

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Trump-Loving GOP Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Define Protests as a Form of 'Terrorism'

A Trump-supporting Republican lawmaker is trying to legally define protests, like some of those erupting across the country against his candidate of choice, labeled a form of “terrorism.” In a statement issued Wednesday, Washington state Senator Doug Ericksen says he is drafting a bill that would allow for felony prosecution of protesters who “intentionally break the obstructing economic activity.” Considering that almost all protest could be defined as getting in the way of business interests, Ericksen’s bill is an obvious attack on citizens’ First Amendment rights.

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Warren to Trump: 'I Will Oppose You, Every Step of the Way'

Exactly as anyone who was paying attention could have predicted, Donald Trump ran on a campaign of promises he never had any intention of keeping. Despite his oath to “drain the swamp” and fight corruption, with the announcement of each cabinet member, it’s become just slightly more obvious than it was during the election that all that catchy campaign talk was just empty sloganeering.

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Obama Reportedly Has to Hold Trump's Hand Because He's Clueless About His New Job

The 2016 presidential election wasn’t just a referendum on white supremacy. It was also a celebration of know-nothingness, the crowning of a reality TV star who, unlike all 44 of his predecessors, has never previously held a position in military or in government. That leaves us with a soon-to-be commander-in-chief who, in addition to steadfastly refusing to learn anything about policy, hasn’t bothered to investigate the ins-and-outs of the job that awaits him. That ignorance was apparently on vivid display when Donald Trump met with President Obama at the White House last Thursday.

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Stop Asking Me to Empathize With the White Working Class

The only people who were surprised by white people voting for white supremacy is other white people. Muslims, black folks and other people of color have been petrified of this outcome for a long time now, because we know how white power will do anything to preserve itself. We have seen it, worked beside it, watched it on the news, lived next door to it, witnessed it call itself our friend and then question our experiences with racism when we recount them.

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9 of Trump's Lesser Known Yet Equally Ridiculous Campaign Promises

We’ve all heard Donald Trump bloviate on and on about the big, beautiful wall he absolutely, no-chance-in-hell will actually build. Everyone knows Trump has repeatedly claimed he’s going to deport 11 million immigrants, which he definitely will not be doing. We are now all aware that Trump says he’s going pull the U.S. out of NATO, ban Muslim immigration and do so much winning that America gets sick of winning, which is con-man-speak for “none of these things are actually going to happen.”

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We Can't Elect a Psychopath President: 10 Psychological Terms for Making Sense of This Traumatic Moment in U.S. Election History

It’s possible that no previous presidential candidate, at least in contemporary American history, has exhibited the range of aberrant, offensive and outrageous behaviors as Donald Trump. Belligerent, unstable and anything but presidential, Trump has turned much of the country into armchair psychotherapists. His behavior is so undisciplined and erratic, he’s even prompted licensed clinicians to break with orthodoxy—not to mention rules—to declare he suffers from a personality disorder.

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