Over 2,200 Doctors Agree: John McCain Should Release His Medical Records

Why is McCain so secretive about his health history?

Since we launched John McCain's Health Records Must Be Released last Sunday, it's been viewed by nearly 300,000 people.  Perhaps even remarkably, 47,000 people -- including over 2,200 medical doctors -- signed the open letter urging McCain to provide a full disclosure of his medical records. 

I'm not sure what's more alarming, the fact that McCain released 1,173 pages of medical records last May that only covered the last eight years of his life, or the fact that he released those records under extraordinarily restricted circumstances; only a handful of journalists were allowed access for three hours, and no copies or phone calls could be made.  Either way, it's clear that McCain has not been forthright with the public about his health, an inauspicious and downright dangerous move considering his history of cancer and the fact that the American people have had to deal with with a dishonest, deceitful administration for the past eight years.  McCain already reflects a continuation of Bush's failed policies, considering he's voted 95 percent of the time with the president.  Now he's leading us to believe he'll carry on Bush's legacy of lies as well.

But now we're not the only ones crying foul on this issue anymore.  Over 2,200 medical experts have highlighted the urgent need for McCain to make his health records public. Just read from a couple of them who agreed to let us publish their comments here.

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ZP Heller is the editorial director of Brave New Films. He has written for The American Prospect, AlterNet, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Huffington Post, covering everything from politics to pop culture.
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