Obama Slams McCain on 'Old Boys Network'

I hope the Obama campaign noticed how much the crowd loved this jab.

I hope the Obama campaign noticed this crowd's response to their candidate's line:
The old boys network? The old boys network? In the McCain campaign, that's called a staff meeting.

Ridicule is a powerful tool when used correctly, and Barack Obama has shown time and again he knows how to do it deftly -- not nasty like McCain, just light enough to make people laugh. Americans desperately want permission to laugh at John McCain, who they've been told too often -- especially by Democrats -- is all honorable and heroic and POW-y. When Barack Obama grants us permission to laugh at McCain's lies, flip-flops, house-counting, lobbyist-loving and lipstick-pigging, Americans like him for it.

We respond.

Can we please have more good old-fashioned American ridicule at your opponent's expense?

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