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The 10 Most Talked-About Election '08 Viral Videos

In a presidential election where online videos seem more important (and better) than the candidates' ads, here are 10 that you can't miss.
Only a few presidential elections ago, the only campaign videos that existed were created either by stiffs in suits working for one of the candidates or by stiffs in suits working for the corporate media. Either way, the results were usually pretty lackluster.

Luckily, we now have the Internet (hooray!), which allows citizens and private groups to easily join the national debate, and for everyone to hear what they are saying.

Here are 10 videos that focus on the presidential elections and are catching everyone's attention.

1. "Hockey Moms for Truth" Wage Swift Boat Campaign Against Palin:
Everyone knows about the lies spread by "Swift Vets for Truth" about John Kerry during the 2004 elections. Well, a group of women, with their tongues placed firmly in their cheeks, decided to do the same to Sarah Palin. Please remember, "Hockey Moms For Truth is responsible for this advertisement ... and anything else that goes on in this household."

2. Tina Fey Returns to Spoof Sarah Palin Perfectly:
To be fair, this piece is from Saturday Night Live, which is on television.

But the Internet is where it is quickly becoming famous. Everyone was floored by Tina Fey's dead-on impression of Sarah Palin, even Palin herself, who commented to reporters that she had dressed up as Tina Fey for Halloween. The best part about watching SNL on the Internet? You don't have to stay up past your bedtime to witness Fey knock it out of the park.

3. John McCain Debates Himself on Supporting Bush:
When John McCain gave a speech in front of a green background, he probably wasn't aware that he was starting a whole new genre of Web videos. But he was; many have used the green background to insert whatever digital image they please, from Madonna to kung-fu fights to dinosaurs (that last one may be wishful thinking on my part). The Jed Report decided to use the unfortunately easily-digitally-manipulated background for a more serious endeavor: to showcase McCain contradicting himself when it comes to his ties to George W. Bush.

4. John McCain's Health Records Must Be Released:
Robert Greenwald believes that "the state of John McCain's health is an issue of grave concern for all Americans, regardless of political persuasion." McCain has not released his medical records, though he did allow a few select reporters to look them over for three hours in May. That's not enough for Greenwald, who asks, "Why the secrecy?"

5. Why I'm Voting Republican:
This is a funny but poignant "get out the vote" video. But don't be fooled by the title; this short video isn't really trying to encourage anyone to turn in their ballots for the Grand Old Party.

6. The "Daily Show" Obama Bio:
The "Daily Show" pokes fun at the idea that Obama is much more than a politician in this fictional biography, implying that Obama may not just be able to unite the people of America, or the world, but even the continents themselves. "Barack Obama, he completes us."

7. Les MisBarack:
Like the "Daily Show," Director J.D. Walsh decided to play off the theme of Obama inspiring the masses. Using music from "Les Miserables," Walsh creates a stirring scene in a fictional Obama campaign office, filled with starry-eyed visionaries hoping for a better future. OK, maybe not so fictional, but I doubt this much singing really goes on at Obama HQ.

8. John McCain Wants "More Wars":
This Web video was made by one concerned citizen and it is a dead-serious attack on what some worry is McCain's first option rather than his final. To quote the senator: "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran." A powerful video. Viewer discretion is advised due to some graphic images.

9. Target Women, P.A.N.T.H.E.R.s for Palin:
The hilarious and spot-on Sarah Haskins announces a new group of women voters, "P.U.M.A.s are for Hillary, Cougars bang young dudes, but a P.A.N.T.H.E.R is for Palin." Don't know what a P.A.N.T.H.E.R. is? Watch the video to learn the P.A.N.T.H.E.R. pounce.

10. McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare:
Although things have been different in the last few days, many thought the mainstream media were being too soft on John McCain. With more than 5 million views, Brave New Films' video of McCain's inaccuracies helped hold McCain accountable when the media wouldn't.

11. Bonus:
OK, this has nothing to do with politics, but it is one of the most viewed online videos of all time, and I am a big fan of promoting folks who are having a good time while rocking out. Numa Numa, my friends:

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