Proof that the Republican Ticket is Palin/McCain, Not McCain/Palin

It seems like McCain is just the guy who stands next to Palin these days ...
Ignore the line of attack in this new GOP ad. Just watch it. Um, who's at the top of the Republican ticket again?

I keep saying that Obama needs to go after Palin because she is effectively the presidential candidate now. This is more proof.

McCain's just some guy standing next to her at the end of the ad.

I know the Obama team thinks the winning strategy is to run against McCain. But if Obama and his strategists want to depict McCain as the candidate, they're going to have to force that idea back into the public's consciousness. And it's clearer every day that the McCainites are going to resist any effort to do that with all their power.

It's as if they've jettisoned the notion of McCain as the ticket's leader just the way they jettisoned Bush at the convention. It's as if they think it's the same kind of embarrassment.


One more point:
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