Hookers and Blow: Welcome to the RNC

Lobbyists and Republicans party while Hurricane Gustav rages.
From thedailyphosdex:

Thanks are in order to for bringing to the world's attention and enlightenment this ABC News item about a rather lurid and tasteless party in connection with the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities as is attracting the ire of "Secular-Progressive" bloggers.

Let elaborate thus:

Despite John McCain's request over the weekend that the Republican convention be toned down in light of the threat posed by Hurricane Gustav, Republican delegates and their lobbyist friends continued to party the night away -- and Democratic bloggers were delighted by the spectacle.

ABC correspondent Brian Ross reported on several of the more flamboyant revels, including one Saturday night GOP party in honor of the convention president where pink spotlights, pink boas, and pink wigs were the order of the day. When Ross tried to corner Republican officials and ask them about the appropriateness of partying as Hurricane Gustav threatened New Orleans, they either fled, hid behind their pink boas, or simply shrugged and said, "Everybody goes through hard times."