Kennedy, Michelle, and Two Little Obamas Make Dems' First Night a Win

Some people are worried that the Dems didn't go after McCain last night ... be patient, last night wasn't the night to attack.

I'm a little puzzled by some of the hand-wringing about the tone of the convention last night. I've argued that the Democrats need to attack this week, but last night wasn't the time to do it.

Ted Kennedy's seriously ill, and you don't trot him out on that podium to hit McSame with gotchas and zingers. You don't ask Michelle Obama, who right-wing assholes are still caricaturing as an angry America hater, to use her speech to deliver political attacks.

My favorite moment of the night was the interplay between Obama and his adorable little girls. You can't build up to that moment with a night of "John McSame suxxxxx!!1!!11!!"
Blue Texan is a regular contributing blogger for FireDogLake.
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