The McCain Junior High Reaction to Obama's Choice of Joe Biden

All whine, no policy.
The McCain campaign ran two advertisements in response to Obama picking Biden for Veep in front of 35,000 wildly approving voters. All attack, no McCain policy to be found in the ads. Every time Obama makes a major move, there will be similar whiney responses by the McCain camp, to their detriment. They should choose their own Veep carefully.

While I predicted the choice of Joe Biden by Barack Obama several days ago, I need to say that was a prediction, not my choice. As a prediction, it makes sense to me. I’m sure Joe Biden will fight real hard in the campaign and all that stuff, but he’s not my favorite guy to represent “change.” I’m more likely to agree with my colleague Richard on that score.

Still, this is about spin, and I’m all about examining the John McCain reaction to the Biden choice. And that reacdtion so far has been straight out of Junior High. What’s the first thing the McCain camp did? They talked about Barack Obama’s misstatement. Here’s Obama’s slight gaffe: Obama, in introducing Joe Biden, said “the next President,” then immediately corrected himself to say “the next Vice President of the United States.” How many gaffes have we seen where McCain has completely misstated something and never corrected himself, waiting for his staff to say something like, “it doesn’t matter whether John McCain knows his ass from a hole in the ground, he was a POW!” Purely a Junior High reaction on the McCain camp’s part, and McCain himself should wake up soon to what these folks are doing on his behalf, or he’s going to get the votes of all those AV nerds and about nothing else. No, this wasn’t the only Junior High style reaction by the McCain camp. Check out his ads.
Steven Reynolds is a regular blogger for the All Spin Zone
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