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Andrew Bacevich: Hard Truths About America Gone Astray

From Bill Moyers Journal.

Here's one of the most amazing programs  in the history of Bill Moyers Journal.  Really, one of most amazing programs Moyers has done, period, in all his years on television.  His guest for the hour was Andrew J. Bacevich, a West Point graduate, retired colonel with 23 years in the Army, and author of several books, including The Limits Of Power: The End Of American Exceptionalism, just released this week. Here's a distillation of their conversation.

As I suggested in my diary, "We're So Lame", the Democrats would be much better off scrapping their "national security" lineup full of disgraced Iraq War hawks, and replacing the whole lot with Bacevich.  More reasons why on the flip--and a suggestion about how we might change the direction of our country.

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Paul Rosenberg is a regular blogger for Open Left