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Northern Exposure: National Sex Day in Canada

I wonder what right-wingers and the media would do if someone in the U.S. tried to devote an entire day to sex.
In the midst of Russia invading countries that sound made-up and the Bush administration extending eminent domain to women's uteruses, it's nice to be reminded there can still be headlines like "Not hot for 'Sex Day'" in the Edmonton Sun.

The puff piece is about student Jonathan Yaniv who started the Facebook event "National Sex Day 2008." The event is basically what it sounds like, picking a day and devoting it to sex. According to the article, Yaniv will be providing free condoms.

The conflict in the article is between the National Sex Day 2008 and those who believe every day should be Sex Day and that organizing should be left for political purposes. The headline is a little misleading. The so-called opponents seem to want to have sex instead of getting a holiday devoted to it.