Awesome Beyond Words: An American Carol

Wingnut attempts at comedy are awkward and embarrassing, but they also provide hours of unintentional laughs.
David Weigel, who has long been one of this blog's libertarian pals, fills us in on a movie that is going to kick your ass so hard that your ass will end up thinking it's your face. Does that not make sense? Too bad! Get a load of An American Carol:
I'm holding a palm card that was just given out at the Heritage Foundation to promote the new David Zucker film An American Carol. If I fill out the card, I can take one of four pledges, such as "Yes, I will send the trailer to my contacts" and "Yes, I want to be AN AMERICAN CAROLER or THEATER CAPTAIN." It's an induction to a movement, as the slogan on the card makes clear: "Finally, a movie for us."
In it, filmmaker Michael Malone (Kevin "brother of Chris" Farley) and his organization are trying to repeal the Fourth of July when three angels -- the Angel of Death, George S. Patton, and George Washington -- come to him and convince him to change his ways.
(The wingnut awesomeness continues after the flip)
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