Edwards Scandal Raises Monogamy vs. Polygamy Debate

The cases of John Edwards and Eliot Spitzer bring to light some views on monogamy and polygamy.
In Lauren's post on John Edwards, anonymous says:
It is clear to me that the people posting about how monogamy is unnatural and how people can be happily polyamorous have never been on the receiving end of the news that their spouse has had an affair or seen the absolute devastation it can wreak on a family. If an open marriage works for you, kudos to you, I think that's awesome. It doesn't work for everyone though and I find it rather insensitive to gloss over how absolutely heartbreaking it is to find out that your spouse has cheated on you, with no thought for your feelings or health. It is a much, much different ball of wax then a mutually agreed upon open marriage and it should never, ever be compared to one. Whether you think it's a natural relationship or not doesn't impact the result on the betrayed spouse.
I think anonymous has nailed it.

I'd even take it further and take a stab that the people posting about how monogamy is unnatural are not likely to be (yet) on the receiving end of the fact that there are some restraints on how egalitarian hetero polygamy can be in a society that hasn't yet achieved full feminist status.
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