Mukasey Will Not Prosecute Bush Officials Who Politicized DOJ

Not even Monica Goodling will stand trial. I hate to say "I told you so" but ...
In May of last year, I questioned whether, after Monica Goodling won immunity, we'd get anything from giving her immunity.
And as today's article explains, in that role she has done a number of things that clearly violate federal employment practices. She has denied promotions to people who appear to be Democrats, has asked partisan questions in interviews for career positions, and she asked one nice Republican if he had ever cheated on his wife.
We're about to excuse Monica all of these actions -- actions which span six years of efforts to politicize DOJ -- and in so doing, ensure that the IG investigation into these activities may expose further illegalities, but no actionable way to hold Goodling accountable for them. And what are going to get in exchange? What higher up is she going to deliver us, with her immunized testimony?
And in August of last year, I pointed out that all of the people who had politicized our government had resigned from the Administration -- and therefore given the Administration immunity for having turned our government into an instrument of the Republican party.
by The Washington Post, enlisting political appointees at every level of government in a permanent campaign that was an integral part of his strategy to establish Republican electoral dominance.
Investigators, however, said the scale of Rove's effort is far broader than previously revealed; they say that Rove's team gave more than 100 such briefings during the seven years of the Bush administration. The political sessions touched nearly all of the Cabinet departments and a handful of smaller agencies that often had major roles in providing grants, such as the White House office of drug policy and the State Department's Agency for International Development.
Well, so what? What are you going to do about it?
See, for the most part, we're talking about civil Hatch Act violations. And the punishment for civil Hatch Act violations? To be fired from your job. Shall we review the names of those most involved in leading this process?
  • Karl Rove
  • Sara Taylor
  • Scott Jennings
  • Barry Jackson
  • Ken Mehlman
  • Susan Ralston
Rove, Taylor, Mehlman, and Ralston are gone, and Jackson is rumored to be leaving. Add in Monica Goodling, who only admitted to her massive Hatch Act violations after she resigned. So how are you going to hold the White House responsible for its massive Hatch Act violations, if the people involved have already mooted the only punishment available?
Today, Michael Mukasey announced no one would be charged for having politicized DOJ's hiring process, not even Monica Goodling:
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