Woman Accidentally Shot and Killed by Police: Right-Wingers Blame Victim

To use tragedy as a way to peddle ignorant and racist views is despicable.
People that try to look like Bette Midler and that call themselves goddesses are generally suffering from more than a delusion of divinity and a desire to be called "fabulous" by their hairdressers. And Amy Alkon, the so-called Advice Goddess and yet another feeble-minded member of Pajamas Media Nutwork, is no exception. Currently she is wasting cyberspace explaining why a black woman who was accidentally shot by the police during a drug raid deserved it.
Who Places A Lower Value On Black Lives? Would that be a police officer who accidentally shoots and kills a black woman, or that woman herself, a mother of six children by five different drug-dealing fathers, who takes up with yet another drug dealer?
Clearly the woman and not the cop who pulled the trigger. She wanted to die and he was just doing her a favor. This is a joke, right? Sadly, no. It's just more eliminationist rhetoric from a right-wing nut job:
Clif is a blogger for Sadly No!
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