Stripper School: 6 Feminist Lessons Learned on the Stage

A woman who stripped in Vegas writes about what working in a strip-club taught her about feminism in the work place.
Posted by Octogalore

Is sex work a feminist act? Not in itself, no, IMO. Any job is feminist in the limited sense that women working and supporting ourselves is feminist. But unless a type of work actively promotes women's equality, I don't think it's affirmatively feminist. It's not antifeminist either, though, unless it involves coercion of unwilling participants or marketing a typically very temporary career to those who otherwise might choose options offering longer-term security.

But hey -- there are still plenty of feminist lessons to be learned.

The club I worked at in Vegas in '99-2000 is called the Magic Carpet. Or, that's what I call it in the various "stripper stories" I have at my blog. If you're a Vegas aficionado, you can probably figure out which one I mean. Hint -- we had male strippers on the second floor.

So without further ado, here are the lessons:
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