McCain Loses the Wall Street Journal. Is Anyone Still for This Guy?

"Of course McCain is trying to pander to so many constituencies now that he sounds alternately appallingly craven and utterly pathetic."
If John McCain has lost the Murdoch Street Journal, how long is it before he loses everyone else?
Is John McCain losing it?

On Sunday, he said on national television that to solve Social Security "everything's on the table," which of course means raising payroll taxes. On July 7 in Denver he said: "Senator Obama will raise your taxes. I won't."

This isn't a flip-flop. It's a sex-change operation.

He got back to the subject Tuesday in Reno, Nev. Reporters asked about the Sunday tax comments. Mr. McCain replied, "The worst thing you could do is raise people's payroll taxes, my God!" Then he was asked about working with Democrats to fix Social Security, and he repeated, "everything has to be on the table." But how can . . .? Oh never mind.
I mean seriously....when you have a columnist at the Wall Street Journal not only using the kind of snark usually reserved for Democratic candidates with a brain in their heads, but very nearly slips in a Firesign Theatre reference, you know we are living in Very Strange Times.
Jill Hussein C. blogs at Brilliant at Breakfast.
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