America Lets McCain's Racist Ad Slide

Republicans are really good at two things: lining their contributors' pockets and practicing character assassination on their enemies.
I've said many times that Republicans couldn't govern their way out of a paper bag, but they know how to do two things well: line their contributors' pockets and practice character assassination on their enemies.

One reason they're much, much better than Democrats at besmirching character is that they spend inordinate amounts of time perfecting the ability to walk right up to the line separating "acceptable" and "unacceptable" discourse and getting as close as possible to "unacceptable" without (because they've also mastered deniability) going over that line. Democrats still don't have any idea how that works, and when they try to return fire, as often as not they are perceived as having crossed the line.

And here we go again:
Only 22% Say McCain Ad Racist, But Over Half (53%) See Obama Dollar-bill Comment That Way
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