Bush Hates Intelligence: Punishes His Own CIA

Bush takes those snobby CIA folks down a notch or two.
Who says George W. Bush has no legacy. He has a great legacy, one of mean spiritedness, vindictiveness and payback for real and imagined slights. Just ask the CIA:
President Bush ordered a major restructuring of the nation's intelligence-gathering community yesterday, approving new guidelines aimed at bolstering the authority of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) as the leader of the nation's 16 spy agencies.
The long-awaited overhaul of Executive Order 12333 gives the DNI greater control over spending and priority-setting, and also over contacts with foreign intelligence services -- a responsibility that has traditionally fallen to the CIA, according to a Bush administration document describing the changes. [...]
In one of the more controversial changes, the new order allows the DNI to formulate policy for engaging with the intelligence agencies and security services of other countries -- a role traditionally held by the CIA. But the new policy stipulates that the CIA would "coordinate implementation" of those policies.
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