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Of Space Aliens, John Edwards' Love Child and Journalistic integrity at the National Enquirer

Boy, they sure are gullible.

Betsy Newmark, charter high school quiz coach and government teacher, as well as a blogger and 24/7 Republican talking-point regurgitator, has put on her sleuth cap and tried to plumb the mystery as to why most newspapers are staying away from the National Enquirer story alleging that the scandal sheet caught John Edwards in a secret rendezvous with his “mistress” and “love child.” Of course, you don’t have to be much of a sleuth yourself to figure out why she thinks that’s the case. (Hint: liberals at work). The real mystery is why someone this dim-witted is allowed to teach impressionable children.

So let’s watch some of Betsy’s sleuthing in action:

I think there are several reasons playing into the MSM disinclination to report this story. I think part of it is just a disinclination to report what Edwards terms as "tabloid trash." Even though The National Enquirer has a decent background on scandal stories, most MSM journalists consider themselves above re-reporting what [sic] a story that The National Enquirer owns.

Now you know why Betsy isn’t teaching English at her school. You can also find out why she’s not teaching journalism there either if you’ll mosey over with me to the National Enquirer’s website to see that “decent background” and impeccable journalistic integrity at work
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