The Liberal Jewish Majority Must Beat Back the Neocon Jewish Minority

"[It would be] good for the Jews, good for America, good for Israel, good for the Arabs, good for peace, good for the world."
Last month I wrote about how the right-wing fake-friends of Israel in American Jewry were coming after Joe Klein -- a member of the Tribe -- for saying something that all of us DC Jews acknowledge to be true, which is that a bunch of our neocon co-religionists, out of ignorance or mendacity, seek to steer American policy in the direction of a misguided belief of what's good for Israel. That direction is a warlike one, and often a racist one. And for years, out of a bizarre fear that America is a more antisemitic nation than it is, they've believed that such a proposition can't be uttered in mixed company, and so have succeeded in intimidating the rest of us, Jew and Gentile alike, by intimating that even breathing in that direction is antisemitic. Indeed, they will not stop until they define all of liberalism as antisemitic.

The result of the euphemistic and fearful dialogue that they have cultivated and enforced has been, among other things, an intellectual climate that enabled a war disastrous to both American and Israeli security. Good going, fellas!
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