The Loathsome Hypocrisy of Sean Hannity

Why FOX didn't go after Phil Gramm.
This happened a little while ago, but Sean Hannity’s hypocrisy is so astounding that I couldn’t let it go.

As you saw in our latest video, FOX ATTACKS! Michelle Obama (nearly 500,000 views and #1 most viewed News & Politics video this month!), the folks on FOX are simply shocked, SHOCKED! that Michelle Obama would dare say she thought America is a “downright mean” country where more and more people are struggling to get by. FOX had endless hours of “analysis” on this subject, claiming it proved the Obamas were elitists, radicals, socialists, America haters, etc. “What country is she living in?” asked disgraced Abramoff asshat Ralph Reed, as if no one in their right mind (even a black person!) could even entertain such a notion. In fact, I believe it’s FOX's official policy that Michelle Obama’s name may never be uttered without saying “not proud of her country” and “downright mean.” Of course, notorious racist Hannity led the indignation fiesta, claiming a statement like Michelle’s is a wound that would doom the Obama campaign (but don’t tell the Germans).

So, in the name of Fairness and Balance, you’d expect Hannity to have a fraction of the same indignation towards Phil Gramm, John McCain’s top economic advisor (and stinking rich UBS bank chairman), when he proclaimed that America is a “nation of whiners” and that the suffering of millions of Americans under the Bush economy is simply a “mental” problem. You’d expect that — but that means you are unfamiliar with the depths of hypocritical asshattery that is Sean Hannity. From C&L:
HANNITY: I’ve met people that grew up in tyranny. I knew people that grew up in the former Soviet Union for fear of speaking out against their government. Never had an opportunity to pursue their dreams…In this country, maybe we do, is there some truth to the fact, maybe we do whine too much. Maybe we don’t to appreciate this gift we have of freedom. Maybe we don’t take advantage of, maybe too many of us look to the government to solve every problem we have, Health care etc…
So let me get this straight — if your government ruins the nation’s economy, you should shut the hell up because you have the freedom to criticize your government? Even Newt Gingrich couldn’t believe Hannity could be so tone deaf and idiotic. I could believe it.

So which would you rather have: a president whose wife thinks the country is downright mean, or a president whose chief economic advisor thinks the problems ravaging the US (and the world) economy are imaginary and people suffering its effects should stop whining?
Jonathan Kim blogs under the name DJK. He is a Co-Producer at Brave New Films. He co-produces the Fox Attacks series and blogs for the and websites.
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