Mission Accomplished II: The Corporate Media Tries to Sell Us that We're Winning in Iraq

So how have we beaten or won over the insurgency that we'd created by disbanding the Iraqi Army?
I read the news today, oh boy. The Yankee army has just won the war.

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on this article entitled "Analysis: US now winning Iraq war that seemed lost" that began with this breathtakingly ballsy sentence: "The United States is now winning the war that two years ago seemed lost." Well, gee, there are very few people who would like to believe that more than yours truly. Still, I wanted to see who'd drawn up this analysis but after several paragraphs it was obvious that this "analysis" was cooked up by the same two guys who wrote this article, Robert Reid and Robert Burns.

Indeed, the breezily optimistic opening line was immediately deflated with the next sentence: "Limited, sometimes sharp fighting and periodic terrorist bombings in Iraq are likely to continue, possibly for years." Considering that our involvement in World War II lasted just over four years against two awesome war machines across two continents, it would seem to me that this 51⁄2 year-old war isn't close to being over if we have several more years of terrorist and insurgent activity to look forward to.
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