Vincent Bugliosi Wants to Charge Bush with Murder

The man who put away Manson pens <i>The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder</i>.
On Tuesday, July 15, the House of Representatives voted 238 to 180 to send an article of impeachment, introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, to the Judiciary Committee for a hearing-but not to lead to impeachment. The hearing, scheduled for July 25, will cover Bush's abuse of power-a topic that strangely continues to frighten House Democratic leadership, even as Bush's approval levels have plunged to just 15 percent in a recent New Jersey poll-a level significantly below that of Richard Nixon when he resigned from office.

Over the past several years, a number of different experts-as well as a sizeable percentage of the American people-have come out in favor of impeaching President Bush for a number of different reasons, chief among which is taking our country to war with Iraq under false pretenses-resulting in hundreds of thousands of needless deaths, including over 4,000 American troops.

"To leave impeachment as a rusty sword really jeopardizes the structure of the rule of law in the country," said former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzmann, a leading figure in the Watergate hearings, and co-author of The Impeachment of George W. Bush: A Practical Guide for Concerned Citizens
Paul Rosenberg is a regular blogger for Open Left