Jack Ass Designer Creates Racist Attack on Obama, Charges $69 Dollars

You can personally express your desire to see these t-shirts removed from Braun's store at 193 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002.
Race -- specifically the race of Senator Barack Obama -- has been a subtext of this Presidential election cycle from the beginning. At first, we were unsure if Obama was "black enough" due to his mixed race family, having a white mother from Kansas and a non-African American father from Kenya. Then we heard "Barack the Magic Negro" and allegations of Michelle Obama calling someone "Whitey." We heard that Obama's candidacy is a conscious act of affirmative action by millions of disconnected voters all over the country. We heard that Obama's pastor is a racist and that reverse racism is the real issue in this campaign.

All this underscores a true insecurity in this country about race and the relations between white and black communities. If race were no issue, a black man would run for president, submit his policy positions and promises, and be elected or rejected. Instead all news, all statements, are now pouring through the filter of race before entering the mainstream of democracy.

But the saddest parts of this situation are the instances of blatant racism that have emerged in our own communities that have gone unchallenged. Posters we have seen with our own eyes, racial slurs spoken about Obama we have heard with our own ears, false accusations have been allowed to stand unchallenged by those that know the truth.
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