Bush Tries to Hide Rising Death Tolls Linked to Global Warming

The White House buried a report which detailed a rising death toll from heat waves, fires, disease, and smog.
Imagine if you will a thought crossing George Bush's brain (it's a hypothetical so please suspend your disbelief) regarding the issue of global climate change. I imagine it might go something like this:
Nope, no global warming issues here. Nosiree. Can't find a one. Maybe study it a little more just to make ever' body happy. Yeah. But not let that interfear with oil drillin. Or treaty makin'. Or carbon emitting fedral reg-you-lashuns. Cuz that would be wrong. Bad fer the economee. And bad fer my base.
Now imagine you are a political appointee, the Bush administration's top official at the Environmental Protection Agency, and you know the President doesn't want to be bothered with any inappropriate facts regarding the consequences of man made climate change. What would you do? Well, probably something exactly like this:
WASHINGTON: The White House has reportedly buried a report prepared by scientists which detailed a rising death toll from heat waves, fires, disease and smog.
Environmental advocates have accused the Bush Administration of delaying the release of the 149-page report so that it could avoid regulating greenhouse gases.
They claimed that the Bush Administration has worked to discourage a link between public health and climate change, fearing this would compel the government to regulate greenhouse gases
It's not as if Bush had to actually convey this message to anyone at EPA. They all know very well what the administration's policy on the environment and carbon emissions is. Call it the "do nothing" approach. And to allow this "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" policy to work, well, sometimes you just have to fail to tell the whole truth. You have to ignore the facts, or at least those facts which would force you to do something about the reality of anthropogenic climate change which Mr. Bush and his friends in the "Energy Industry" prefer not to acknowledge. So, as the good Bushie that you are, you employ a strategy I call sinnning by omission. Even if that means suppressing and denying the opinions of your very own EPA scientists:
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