Don't Just Change Your Lightbulbs, Change Our Leadership

Here's something concrete you can do tomorrow to help in the climate crisis.
We're passed the point where we can just do simple things at home and think we'll avert a climate crisis. We need wholesale change from the highest levels of government. And we need it soon. The Sierra Club is working on a campaign called "Lightbulbs to Leadership." It's an important step toward getting leaders to take necessary action. Here's what they are up to:
Sierra Club activists have signed up to host more than 250 Lightbulbs to Leadership House Parties this Thursday, July 17th. Clearly we're in the mood to party for a good cause: telling our policymakers to take bold, serious and urgent action on global warming and green jobs.
I'm particularly excited to hear from Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and Green For All President Van Jones on the national conference call that party-goers will be listening to that evening. The two worked together this past spring on clean energy investment and green job training in Washington State. Jones and Gov. Gregoire will join Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope on the call to discuss how solving global warming can revitalize our economy.
You can find out more about where to find a party and how to get involved here.
Tara Lohan is a managing editor at AlterNet.