Minutemen Scream "[email protected]$k You Brown Boy!" at Latinos Attending Obama Talk

Remember, racism has nothing to do with these folks' world-view.
I'm here in San Diego where Barack Obama just spoke at the annual National Council of La Raza (NCLR) conference. NCLR flew me out here and provided with me accommodations at the luxurious San Diego Marriot Hotel Marina. I was given the opportunity after I helped publicize NCLR's latest We Can Stop the Hate video using Digg and StumbleUpon, among other new media tools. I didn't do it to advance myself in an particular way. I just thought the video provided the most succinct description of the link between leading "anti-illegal immigration" groups and white supremacy. I wanted as many people to see it as possible.

In fact, when NCLR invited me here, I did everything I could to get them to bring one of my [email protected] along with me, or in my stead. I identify as white and there should be a [email protected] blogger here covering this conference. I hear Todd Beeton of MyDD, and Lucas O'Connor of Calitics are here liveblogging Obama's speech, as well. They probably weren't hand picked by NCLR like I was, but if you don't see a problem with three white male bloggers covering a National Council of La Raza conference, I'll leave that for a post that I'll write when all of this is done. For now, we'll get back to Obama's appearance here.

I debated whether or not to cover Obama's speech. A put up a full copy of his remarks here. Eventually I decided that with hundreds of press people here, and more "influential" bloggers than myself covering this, that it would be best to do something a little different.
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