Right-Wing Scold: 'Overly-Emotional Women Are Ruining Literature!'

A fine example of Thomas Frank's conservative "plenty-plaint"
Apparently, America is not producing enough domestic scolds and has had to start importing them from Slovenia. Yes, Mary Grabar, everyone’s favorite humorless right-wing academic, is back, and her granny-panties are, as always, in a twist.

“University classrooms are starting to look a lot like Oprah,” she says to our confusion. Does she mean black? Expensively dressed? Constantly fluctuating in size? No, she means that they’re filled with “emotive, postmodern bunkum”.

Let’s skip my usual rant about how the only thing these people seem to actually know about postmodernism is that they hate it, and head straight for the buffet.
I suppose I should not have been surprised that Oprah Winfrey gave the commencement address at Stanford University.
When you’re a professional outrage manufacturer, you’re not surprised at anything, especially unsurprising things like a famous person giving a commencement speech at a prominent school. Your job is not to be surprised, but to be offended.
My college classroom, if I follow the dominant pedagogical directives, should resemble Oprah's emotive coffee klatches.
Mary, of course, is a professor of literature, and as we all know, emotion has nothing to do with art.
And it's something that I sense my students have come to expect, already versed as they are in the mantra of "I feel" and "that's your opinion."
Mister Leonard Pierce blogs for Sadly, No!
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