Note to Barack: For the Movement Conservative, Anyone to the Left of Mussolini is a Socialist

You can't appease these people, so why try?
Hey, Senator Obama....if you thought that voting to give George W. Bush unfettered power to spy on Americans for any reason at any time and to give the telecom companies immunity would somehow inoculate you from charges of being some sort of raging Commie, guess again:
Republicans see a different Obama. The National Journal rated him the most liberal member of the Senate last year. His advisers say the rating system is faulty, but McCain and other Republicans say it is an accurate reflection of Obama's political philosophy.
Peter Wehner, a former Bush administration official who is now at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, considers Obama someone who can move his party to new places on race and religion. But on policy, he sees him as conventionally liberal. "The Democratic Party today is quite liberal, and Obama, if anything, will deepen the roots of its liberalism," he said.
Jill Hussein C. blogs at Brilliant at Breakfast.
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