Protesters Blast ICE Raids in East Houston

Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrest undocumented female workers, but leave managers and company officials alone (of course).
Recently, ICE removed about 160 mostly undocumented female workers from Action Rags, a used clothing and rag exporting factory in East Houston.

A protester from SEIU asks a crucial question in this video: How does putting a working woman in jail keep this country safer?

What does society gain from imprisoning working women, wives, mothers and sisters who are not criminals?

As usual, there have been NO arrests of Action Rags or Shipley managers or company officials and ICE has not provided details of any sort of criminal investigation against the company.

As President of the Migration Policy Institute, Demetrios Papademetriou states:
It's much easier and gets more headlines to arrest a lot of people. To make a case against an employer requires time and significant investments of investigative resources. Sometimes it takes half a year, or a year.