Craziest Smear Ever: Obama Worships His Monkey God Keychain

'Wingers say the darndest things.

So we’ve all heard the rumors: Obama is a Muslim. Obama isn’t American. Obama hearts terrorists (and gives terrorist fist-jabs). Obama is too black. Obama is not black enough. Obama is a thug. Michelle Obama is Barack Obama’s baby-mama. Obama wants to give up all of our rights to the Muslims, and probably the French, too. Obama is every right-wing scare tactic ever:

“I think Obama would be a disaster, and there’s a lot of reasons,” said Pollard, explaining the rumors he had heard about the candidate from friends he goes camping with. “I understand he’s from Africa, and that the first thing he’s going to do if he gets into office is bring his family over here, illegally. He’s got that racist [pastor] who practically raised him, and then there’s the Muslim thing. He’s just not presidential material, if you ask me.”

But…for serious?

Yes, for those of you foolish enough to click over, that headline does in fact read, “Is Obama devotee of monkey-god idol?”

And I know it’s on WorldNet Daily, which is where the most paranoid and hateful wingers tend to congregate. it’s the same site that sells a “Darwin led to Hitler” video — in other words, not exactly the most reliable source of news and information.

But it’s nonetheless a widely-read site, and their take on the story isn’t unusual (just check The Google to see what the other right-wing sites are reporting).
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