Iraqi Orphanage Horrors Exposed

A shocking story at a time when most networks aren't covering the war.
I live in Los Angeles, and granted, the news in Los Angeles is different than in most areas. But, bear with me for a moment. The night of the NBC Championship game, the 2 lead stories were about the game and the fans. The first 15 minutes of a 30-minute news broadcast were about a basketball game. In the middle of an election year, in the middle of two atrocious wars, Kobe Bryant was the lead story. Locally, a woman had driven her car into a crowd of seven people, but that was covered after the station break. Nationally, a devastating story was breaking that many still aren’t aware of.

In Case You Missed It: Lara Logan of CBS broke the story of an orphanage in Iraq housing 24 emaciated special needs boys—tied to their beds. The boys were said to be tied there so they would not "harm" themselves. Clearly starving, the boys were discovered while the people in charge of taking care of them were preparing food for themselves, not the children.

So while Fox News continues to bring you full coverage the Lee/Eastwood battle, while we all decide whether or not we like Michelle Obama today and as we wait patiently to see who will take the center chair on Meet the Press – here’s what you may have missed.

Iraqi Orphanage - ICYMI
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