McCain Campaign is Stacking Townhalls

No dissenters allowed.
Somebody's nose must be growing... and it's Pinocchio Sidney McWhichWayIsUp:
After reporting that the McCain campaign held a townhall with Democrats and Independents, Fox's Shepard Smith admitted that the McCain campaign had done no such thing. "We have now received a clarification from the campaign and I feel I should pass it along to you. The McCain Campaign distributed tickets to supporters, mayor Bloomberg, who of course is a registered republican, and other independent groups."
Oh-h-h, so that's what happens to J Sid's memory after he eats recalled tomatoes.

Wait.. this just in: Oliver Willis, I can hardly hear you over that crowd snoring in the background! There hasn't been a mass drugging, has there? Is this the work of terrorists? Hold on, I'm getting a picture on my iPhone... and... why... everyone there is awake! And... I can barely make it out... it's a little grainy... they're entirely white!
Right now John McCain is doing a “town hall” meeting being broadcast by Fox News (The Official Network of McCain ‘08, Home Of The Terrorist Fist Bump) andit’s a mighty amazing trick the McCain camp is pulling. Somehow they’ve gone to the most diverse city in America (New York City) and are seemingly unable to find minorities willing to attend.
That's some story! Did you manage to grab some shots of the event? What a scoop! Good work, Oliver! Stay safe.