Fox's "Obama's Baby Mama" Drama

More hypocrisy from America's smear network
Just days after FOX smeared Barack Obama by referring to the dap between him and his wife as a "terrorist fist jab," FOX offensively called Michelle Obama "Obama's Baby Mama." Why FOX couldn't simply refer to Michelle Obama as Barack's wife is beyond me? Clearly, FOX will be slandering the Obamas every chance they get over the next five months, even when they are touting the fact that the right isn't attacking them

That's right, FOX had the nerve to run the words "Obama Baby Mama" as FOX contributor Michelle Malkin was going on and on about how conservatives aren't taking "cheap shots" at the Obamas:
Where backlash would come is if people make gratuitous and cheap shots at [Michelle Obama] that have nothing to do with the substance of what she's saying. And so far Republicans and conservatives who have opposed Michelle Obama's statements have not made those cheap shots.
Well, I've got your backlash right here, Ms. Malkin. How dare you insidiously suggest that FOX and its right-wing base haven't been smearing the Obamas for the last year! We've got the proof here, here, here, and here, just for starters. Rest assured, we're not going to stand for FOX's smears and character assassinations.
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