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DURST: Campaign Finance Reform Trivia Quiz

"Any Republican senator in favor of campaign finance reform is: A) a commie pinko yellow rat bastard; B) running for President; or C) obviously not up for reelection in the year 2000?"
1. The Senate failed to end the Republican filibuster to allow discussion on the campaign finance reform bill. How many votes short was it?A. 60. It was such a nice day, nobody showed up.B. 8. Does the term, along party lines have any meaning here?C. 0. Someone told Al Gore Bradley was in favor of it, and he mistakenly cast the deciding vote against it.2. Senator Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said in response to the failure.A. Well, we sneaked it by them again, boys.B. There is no momentum whatsoever for this.C. Drinks on the house and give the bill to those suckers paying taxes!3. "Soft Money" isA. Money that melts in your wallet, not in your bank account.B. The unlimited sums that flow to the national political parties from corporate treasuries.C. Not as hard as "stiff money" but a lot softer than "liquid money."4. Any Republican Senator in favor of campaign finance reform isA. A commie pinko yellow rat bastard.B. Running for President.C. Obviously not up for re- election in the year 2000.5. If Senator John McCain had answered Senator Mitch McConnell's demand to name exactly who was corrupted by "Soft Money," he would have saidA. Everybody from the entire Congress, to all state legislatures, and down to senior class high school vice presidents.B. Mitch McConnell.C. Not Liddy Dole, and look what happened to her.Will Durst thinks the answers are all B, except for question 4, which is All Of The Above.
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