House Report: Abramoff's White House Connections

A new report confirms the obvious - Abramoff had undue influence in the White House, including with Bush.
Wow. Am. I. Surprised.
A House panel on Monday released a proposed report saying that disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff “influenced some White House actions.”

The proposed report, compiled by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said, “Abramoff and his associates had access and influenced some actions at the White House.”
The Moustache of Justice is at it again. Go get 'em Waxman! Now. Somebody start talking. What's that? Something about the Fifth Amendment? Again? This is getting really old.

The document states that the probe was “limited by potential Fifth Amendment claims by several White House officials and Abramoff lobbyists and the committee’s accommodation of Justice Department concerns.”

I am showing an enormous amount of self control right now. I am not screaming. I am not sticking forks into my eyes. ::deep breath:: So. How often did Abramoff talk to Bush?